My parents are out of town this last weekend and we have been dog sitting their puppy, Gracie (also known now as the ‘shop dog’ according to this article). We love little Gracie – she is just so sweet! And let’s be honest, it’s probably because of the way she was raised…that’s right, before Gracie permanently became my parents’ little baby, she was mine. When I was very little, before my brother was born, we had a boxer puppy named Spot and when Michael was born my mom decided that it was too much to have a toddler, a newborn, and a puppy, so Spot had to go live somewhere else 😦 Needless to say this traumatized me and I wanted another boxer for a long time. So one day several years ago when Jeremy and I were still just dating, we saw a litter of boxer puppies for sale and in a total impulse purchase, I bought little Gracie! They let me take her home at just 5 1/2 weeks and she was so tiny! But she was a wonderful little puppy who slept in my bed and potty trained with little help from me! When Jeremy and I got married and moved into an apartment we knew it wouldn’t be fair for her to be without a yard. And as our family dog had been put sleep just a couple of weeks before our wedding, we left Gracie with my parents to fill the empty space. Now she is their baby and I know they love her very much. Sometimes I still miss her (even though I have my sweet little Turner), but it was nice to have her around the last couple of days. Here are some pictures of us lounging around with the puppies (I don’t think she’s allowed on the couch at home!).


5 thoughts on “Puppy-sitting

  1. Oh my goodness, Gracie has gotten so big! I remember when she could almost fit in one hand and took naps in laps while we worked. (Shh! Don’t tell Vicki!) I am glad to see she has grown into a fine dog.

  2. you have a really cool blog ellie!
    i have a comment for just about every thing on earth, so i picked this one. you puppy is sooo cute!

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