Falls Garage

I don’t talk about them much, but my parents are pretty much awesome. When I think of people that are ready to do whatever God asks them and be radical about what they believe in, I think of them. It amazes me that as a young couple they decided to take their two little kids and move to a country where they didn’t speak the language or understand the culture! Several years ago, they felt God was calling them to plant a church in Marble Falls. Again, they sold their house and moved this time to another city and started planting a church. I guess it didn’t surprise me at the time, but Jeremy brought to light how ‘crazy’ it is to just sell your house, uproot yourself, and go somewhere to do something that could be a potential failure! But they did it anyway! There is now a church in Marble Falls and its doing great. As my dad was working in the community during the initial phases of the church plant, he began working with the school system by helping with an automotive program. This ministry continued to grow and now he has moved to doing that full time! His work is based out of Falls Garage in Marble Falls and he teaches teenagers how to work on cars so they can get good jobs. I bring all this up because there was an article recently in the Highland Lakes Business Journal about Falls Garage and I wanted to share it with you! You can read it here. You can also check out the Falls Garage blog here.  Mom and Dad, I think you’re the best!

5 thoughts on “Falls Garage

  1. Hey Ellie- that is great what your parents have been doing!! And the Lord is surely blessing their ministry for Him!!!
    I sure do love your parents, and loved spending those 2 weeks with you all in Mexico City 10 years ago already… wow time flies!!

    Tell them I think they are pretty amazing also!!
    I am going to send you an email with a link to my family blog if you’re interested!
    it’s at: http://life-with-5.blogspot.com/ But I keep it private~

    RuthAnn (De Young) McClellan

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