Broiled Chicken, Romaine, and Tomato Bruschetta

BruschettaThis picture may not be very exciting but this recipe was a big hit. I was making it and getting a little nervous. I put everything out on the table (along with the magazine so everyone could see I wasn’t crazy) and told people to stack them up however they wanted. Michael and Jen were eating dinner with us and we all thought this tasted so good – everything – the garlicky toasty bread, the roasted tomatoes with herbs de provenece, the chicken with the mustardy Parmesan mayonnaise sauce, and the lemony romaine – yum! We each had two and there was at least one person at the table that wishes that could have had a third! I don’t think I actually know what chicken cutlets are…but I purchased chicken tenders and they were the perfect size. For the bread I purchased Pillsbury Italian bread and put that in the oven first so the bread was nice and fresh! One thing to be ware – this recipe is for one serving so you’ll need to double, triple, quadruple, etc… as necessary. Also, the recipe suggests to use the excess sauce to on the table – I thought it didn’t need the extra sauce, so I’d say you could probably cut that in half (of course you could use it on sandwiches the next day if you have leftovers).  So, this was a good one, try out the Broiled Chicken, Romaine, and Tomato Bruschetta from this month’s Gourmet.



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