Butternut Squash Risotto with Shrimp

I don’t have a picture for this recipe 😦 I know, I suck. I have started making our dinners on Wednesday nights and taking them to Jeremy at rehearsal and then I eat mine right before d-groups and every week I seem to start the recipe with plenty of time and then it ends up taking more time than I anticipated and I’m running late and there is no time for a picture – so there is an excuse with this one! But hey, no fear because Bon Appetit has a lovely picture of it here.

I actually really enjoyed this dish – although it was a little rich. Jeremy, on the hand, said he was ‘not a big fan’. He didn’t elaborate but he wasn’t sure he liked it. Now I got a little nervous about the squash when I went to put it in so I used quite a bit less than the recipe called for, however I later looked up a tutorial to make sure I was cutting the squash up right and I felt better after that, so I’m going to try another recipe with a butternut squash this week. Anyway, I realyl enjoyed the rissotto and shrimp and thought it all tasted really good and cozy. My favorite thing about shrimp is how incredibly fast it cooks!


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