Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

Kitchen ConfidentialI’m sorry my book reviews are not nearly as extensive and well-thought-out as I would like! Oh well – too many other things to worry about. I started this book on my last break from school in August and didn’t have a chance to finish it then, so I picked it up during this last break (a new class starts today). I read about this book on a blog a long time ago and I have no idea where! I put it on my list and received it. I can’t decide if I really liked this book or not. First of all – here’s the disclaimer – I am not the target audience for this book so I’m not sure I’m expected to think it was the best book in the world. Chef Anthony Bourdain pretty much offers his memoir of time working in restaurant kitchens. It was definitely an interesting read I liked (most of the time) getting a rather raw view of what goes on behind the kitchen doors in a restaurant – turns out Gordon Ramsey is pretty mild compared to an average chef! I think I liked the begining and the ending of the book more than the middle. There was a time where most of his time was spent just doing drugs and living a rough life and I started to a loose a little interest – and hope, but I thought the book ended well. It’s a pretty raw and sometimes humorous account and I have a better appreciation for people that work in the restaurant industry. I don’t think I’ll ever go to a brunch buffet again and I will certainly be thoughtful about where and what days I order fish when I’m out!

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