Food for Finals (i.e. Ellie doesn’t have to cook!)

102_0288The day I took my final my brother and his girlfriend very thoughtfully offered to cook dinner for Jeremy and me! I came home from my test and got to sit around and drink wine well some wonderful smells came from the kitchen. Jen is super fun and as it turns a great cook! They grilled salmon with a roasted garlic sauce that was very good. They made some potatoes that I loved (if you read this blog you know I love me some potatoes!) and the veggies were so good! Finally, they made artichokes. Michael and I had talked about how we used to have these when we were younger and loved them, so they actually found some at the store and made them – so fun! It was such a good meal and then we hung out for quite a long time, drinking wine, talking, laughing, playing rummikub, and then later we sat outside as a storm rolled in, Jeremy playing guitar and us chatting. It was such a fun and relaxing night! Thanks so much Michael and Jen – you can cook for us anytime!


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