Multi-Grain Penne with Hazelnut Pesto, Green Beans, and Parmesan

I don’t have a picture…partly because I decided to eat instead of finding the camera and partly because I knew Beth had made this earlier on in the week and that she had a lovely picture already posted on her blog! Actually that week we both made this and the mustard chicken…which is what happens when your friends cook from the same magazines…in actually I get Bon Appetit because of Beth! This recipe is part of my new and temporary resolve to plan meals that are simply and require few ingredients for me to cook especially on the days I work but in general right now as I’m finishing up school (just 3 classes left!).

I really liked this. Love pesto though so really I wasn’t worried. I used whole wheat pasta and I had to use pecans instead of Hazelnuts because we shopped at Walmart that week and they have a sad nut selection…and no bulk – I’m going back to HEB! I loved that this was really light and I also liked that I could throw a vegetarian main in last week! We ate this while we watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on my first official night of ‘vacation’ from school.


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