Amy Butler Portfolios

Amy B PortfoliosI’ve made Amy Butler’s Sweet Greetings Portfolios (free pattern) a up couple of times. I think they are really fun but wasn’t sure what the best purpose for them was. Well, I have found a purpose that fits my life pretty well! I lead a small group of middle school girls and a new group started just this last week. I made them each a portfolio and in it I was able to slide their book and their journal! In the pockets I put their memory verses and their daily readings, and of course there’s room for  a pen and other goodies! 102_0274I think they turned out great and the girls were really excited to get them! I love how everything fit and now they can bring their stuff to group in their little portfolios every week!


6 thoughts on “Amy Butler Portfolios

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  2. I always miss you so much this time of year when new small groups start up…and these made me miss you so much more! With my lack of creativity and sewing ability my girls will NOT be getting anything like this from me…sad :(. You’re such a great leader!

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