Sara and Ellie at Sharyn's Wedding Last Thursday I went to Atlanta to visit my college roommate, Sara, and go to a wedding for my friend from high school, Sharyn. It was such a fun extended weekend! As soon as Sara picked me up from the airport we drove over to a rather artsy part of Atlanta and started our weekend together by getting our noses pierced! We decided we didn’t do enough stuff like that when we lived together in college, so we should make up for it now! We then went to a fun little restaurant and sat on the balcony drinking tea and eating chocolate cake!

102_0238The next day after sleeping in and having a lovely breakfast on the patio we went to the outlet mall to check out the Labor Day sales. Sara was looking for a dress…of course she didn’t buy one, but I did! I bought the dress you see in the picture from White House Black Market…originally $178 – I paid $20! It was a deal just too good to pass up! We then went home and I got ready to go to the rehearsal dinner. Sara dropped me off and went and talked to her boyfriend on the phone while I reconnected with old friends from high school!

102_0243The next day we slept in too late to do too much. We managed to run over to the store before we came back to the house to primp before the wedding. The wedding was beautiful and we had a lovely time. The next day we got up and went on a little adventure. We went to a small town and had lunch in this cute little cafe, walked around the square looking at antiques and eating caramel apples. 102_0244Sara then took me to one of the Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee shops on the Chattahoochee River. Then we went back downtown to Thai food, which was wonderful. It was such a fun day and then on the way back to the car i fell into a huge hole! It should have had a cover on it but it was dark and covered by the grass. I feel right in and scraped my leg up! It was pretty exciting. So that’s a little recap of the weekend. It was full of fun, relaxing, celebrating, shopping, eating, and just general merriment!


3 thoughts on “Atlanta!

  1. What a great time! And what a steal on that dress!

    I have alway wanted to get my nose pierced but never followed through… I bet it looks really cute on you!

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