Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Crazy Love - smI am so behind on my postings! It’s been busy – school and work (oh yeah, and life). This summer I joined a small group of women at my church and we read through Francis Chan’s Crazy Love. I’ll be honest, I had kind of avoided reading this book…and when I was asked to join the small group I didn’t actually know this was the book we’d be reading. I didn’t want to read it because I knew it would challenge the way I live my life and that I would be forced to change and I didn’t want to change! The book did exactly what I thought it would…challenge me to change. I really suggest this book. It’s really easy to read but each chapter is very challenging. I was very challenged by the realization that I’m doing pretty much nothing risky for God and that brought me to the question, do I really love him if I am not doing anything sacrificial for him? Do I really love him or people for that matter if I’m not telling people about him? I have made a little list of very practical changes that I am starting to make in my life and I am very excited about it!


2 thoughts on “Crazy Love by Francis Chan

  1. Yeah, I held off on reading it too because I knew I was complacent and I didn’t want to change. I felt like a had already made sacrifices because of what I felt God was asking me and didn’t want to change any further. It is such a challenging book, I still struggle with the junk it brings to light in my heart. We’re reading through it again at Origins, I should follow your lead and make a list of changes for my life too!

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