Bacon Quiche Tarts

I’m sorry I don’t have a picture for you! It was actually when I went to take this picture that the batteries in my camera died! However, no fear, the Taste of Home website has a picture and mine looked just like theirs…Now these kind of went against what I said I was going to try to do in my last post and eat less processed foods…but oh well. I wanted to bring something yummy to our Monday morning staff meeting last week and was looking through my Taste of Home cookbook and found this recipe. Now let’s just be honest, these aren’t very good for you but they taste very good and they are really easy! They are more filling than you would think and they were so tasty! I cooked and chopped my bacon, onion, and bell pepper the night before and then that morning I mixed it all together and popped them in the oven (yes, I was a little late to work still, but no one complained!). So if you want a fairly easy breakfast treat to make that has plenty of protein in it and looks a little fancy, make these!


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