Fallen Princesses Series

Fallen PrincessesHow About Orange brought my attention to the Fallen Princess Series a while back and I have been meaning to link to it for some time. Dina Goldstein is a professional photographer who took this project on when her own daughters began to show their fascination with Disney princesses. She began to do research and realized that the original fairy tales were really very little like the stories that Disney was telling. She said, “I began to imagine Disney’s perfect Princesses juxtaposed with real issues that were affecting women around me, such as illness, addiction and self-image issues.” She decided to do a project where she photographed different ‘princesses’ as they might be as women struggling with these issues and for some reason I am completely fascinated by them. This first one is one of my favorites and I think I just love her photography but it is also so deep…I don’t know, maybe I feel this weird connection to these images and who knows why but I do. Maybe it’s because I think we’re always trying to convince ourselves that everything is happy and always turns out wonderful and the reality is that live is hard and messy and people have problems and there is sin and things happen that we don’t understand and that seem unfair and we don’t always become the people we thought we would be and for me these pictures kind of represent that. Happily Ever After is just the end of the movie…it’s not always the way life ends. That sounds so negative and cynical, I think there is a lot of hope, especially because we can trust in God, but I think there’s a healthy dose of reality that we have to be reminded of (otherwise when reality hits we’re completely blindsided by the fact that life didn’t turn out the way we planned!). I’m going to stop babbling right now, but you should go check out the other picture in her series that include Snow White with a bunch of kids, Rapunzel as a cancer patient who has lost her hair, Little Red Riding Hood who is not so little anymore and snacking on fast food, a Sleeping Beauty who never woke up, Jasmine fighting in a war, Belle under the knife of plastic surgery, and Ariel trapped in a cage. I know I probably won’t be decorating my daughter’s room with these pictures…but for whatever reason I’m drawn to them and keep coming back to them. Thanks Dina for seeing these fairy tales through different eyes and using your creative talent to show it to us!


2 thoughts on “Fallen Princesses Series

  1. I really loved these too when I first saw them…it is always cool to see how someone can transform an image you have in your head and challenge the stereotype behind it.

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