Anthem by Ayn Rand

AnthemHere I am posting my books out of order! Our bookclub read Ayn Rand’s Anthem in July. I didn’t think I was going to have time to read it since I was so busy with school and I was already reading We The Living, but Beth convinced me that it wouldn’t take very long to read so I requested it on PBS and got it almost immediately. After reading over 400 pages of We the Living I was pleasantly surprised at how short Anthem was. I think I read it in an hour or two. It was really good, although the length made it hard for the characters to have very much depth. It reminded me a lot of Brave New World and Farenheit 451. It falls into that genre of stories about the future and what could happen in a society where the individual is essentially lost for the benefit of the greater good. I think if you want a fictional basis for Any Rand’s philosophy in a nutshell this is an excellent book to read. The story is about a man who questions the way things are and seeks to make some changes in society and eventually has to run away and start a new live ‘in the wilderness”. It’s a good one, you should read it.

Once again, I have my copy available if you are in Austin and are interested in borrowing it…heck, it’s so small if you live outside of Austin and you would like to read it, I’d be happy to send it to you! What’s a little humorous about my copy is that although it’s not large print it is said to be easy to read for people in their prime! Which I thought was kind of funny.


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