My new tote bag…and my first interior zipper

Tote BagOk, this is not a very flattering picture…but it is the only picture I have with the tote bag that I made at the first Ladies Sewcial. And I thought I would take other pictures of it but it never happened and now my camera batteries have died and I haven’t had a chance to replace them…so this is what you get! I used JCaroline Creatives pattern here. This was a really easy pattern to follow and doesn’t require too much fabric, but it is a good sized tote. As you can see I took it with me on the family reunion. On the other side there is an exterior pocket and on the inside there is a zippered pocket- my first one. I didn’t actually get to finish this at the Sewcial because the first time I put the zipper in, I did it wrong. Then I finally got the zipper in only to discover that it was faulty and refused to open – note to self, always make sure the zipper opens and closes before installing it! I just gave up after that. However, I really wanted to take it with me on my trip. So at 11 PM the night before we’re supposed to leave, I decide to finish the tote – oh it gets better…Jeremy needed to use the desk to print off our plane tickets and stuff so I was forced to sew with my sewing machine teetering on the edge of my desk while I pushed the peddle while standing…btw, this is a really good calf muscle stretch (I was a little sore the next day walking through the airport, but only on my right leg). So the bag was finished in kind of a rush, but I was still pleased. I used some Amy Butler fabric on the exterior and internio and then the brown scraps from my messenger back on the bottom and the handles. All that to say, it’s finished and that the only picture I have of it right now!


3 thoughts on “My new tote bag…and my first interior zipper

  1. I thought it looked really cute that day even though it wasn’t finished yet…and now that it is…well, it is even better!! Nice job on working the zipper!

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