Ladies SEWcial: Part Deux

Sewing 1Amanda hosted another very fun Ladies Sewcial on Saturday. I actually hadn’t really sewn anything since the last one! In the last one I was working on a tote bag to take to the family reunion and I still haven’t posted about that! (‘ll get to it soon, I promise). Amanda snapped a couple of pictures of me working on my project throughout the day. This first one I am ripping out the seams of some curtains that I hemmed when we lived at the trailer and I had to rip it out to re-hem so they would be long enough for our new house!Sewing 2 In this next picture you can see me standing on another set up curtains and holding a finished set. I had to hem two sets of these and they were all lined so it took kind of a long time…ok the entire sewcial for me to finish hemming my curtains. Not a super exciting project but very productive nonetheless. Sewing 3In this last picture you can see me sewing up one of the seems. Obviously I knew this picture was being taken and I was laughing a little because I had just told Amanda she needed to tell me before she took the picture so I could tighten my core! Now, I want to make sure I draw your attention to the lovely t-shirt I’m wearing in all of these wonderful sewing pictures! Do you remember this post? I really liked the Loads of Hope Tide t-shirts and this weekend my friend Lindsey came to visit and she brought me this t-shirt as a present! She had read about it on my blog and bought it for me – what a sweet friend! Thanks Lindsey! I love it!

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