An Ellie Update

I miss blogging, I really do! Life has just been a bit crazy lately! So, I thought I would give you a bullet list of some of the things that are going on right now:

  • On Saturday, after spending 9 hours at my office at the church, I finished writing my research paper and was offically finished with my classes for this last session – I got A’s in both of them (although I barely scraped by in one with a 90.47%!) My next session starts August 10th and I’ll only be taking one class this time, the first of my two capstone classes, Historiography…
  • I finished reading Ayn Rand’s We the Living and Anthem and am excited to review them…but it will have to wait a little bit
  • I started reading Julie & Julia and am really enjoying it…it’s a little more edgy than the movie previews make it look!
  • I have done absolutely no sewing lately and I don’t know when I’ll get to!
  • I’ve done pretty much no cooking that has been exciting…I don’t know when that will happen again either. The last few weeks of class I was just in survival mode and now that we’re moving none of those fun/time-consuming hobbies that I have get much attention.
  • The big news – we’re moving on Sunday! We won’t actually close on our house until the 14th, but we are going to lease for the next two weeks until we close. Our loan has been approved but they want that extra pay stub from Jeremy’s work. But anyway, we just found out yesterday that we’ll be moving on Sunday! So there is a lot for me to do this weekend! No worries, though because I’m super excited! I packed the office and living room last night and my mom is coming on Saturday to help me pack up the kitchen so I think we’ll be all ready to go by the time Sunday rolls around!

Lots going on for me, but I promise I will be back someday!


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