Thoughts on (not) parenting

I must say as more and more of my friends are entering the world of parenthood the questions concnering when we will be starting keep piling up. It really depends on where I am at emotionally at the exact time I’m asked to determine my response. Sometimes I don’t care, sometimes it makes me want to cry, sometimes I want to get mad, sometimes I happily share any plans we have at the moment, etc…clearly the emotions are all over the place. Anyway, I read this blog today and felt like it just echoed how I feel most of the time! So today, this is my way of venting.


5 thoughts on “Thoughts on (not) parenting

  1. Don’t worry…what you are feeling is very normal. I totally felt this way for a long time. I felt this way a long time before I got married too since I got married later. When it is the right time, you will know it and I agree with what that other blog said…some of the talk surrounding having kids certainly has a slant to it and it is so much easier if people just let others move at their own pace without questions/concerns/thoughts. πŸ™‚

  2. thanks for the link! i have a mental list going of Things I Will Never Say Again and among them is asking when someone will start a family/have their next kid, etc.

    i know that people generally mean well, but grrrr…it’s frustrating to have to reply to such things.

    ps – your new home is beautiful. i love the tile and how light and airy it looks.

  3. I get what you are saying and in my own circumstances I experience an equally annoying question. “Why aren’t you married yet?” As if I’m suppose to have a resonable explanation. I prefer to answer with sarcasm by saying things like: “It gives my mother something to live for.”, but I also experience the moments like you, when all that question does is make me want to cry. All in all, I’m trying to trust in God’s timing above all. It’s the one thing I know that is perfect.

  4. There is no need to rush and we will certainly try our best not to pressure you or ask you. We certainly will not carry the negative attitude that so many parents do. Even the “get sleep now” line bugs me. Sure, we sleep a tad less than we used to, but it’s all pure joy. I suppose people get some sort of comforting feeling when they can share their sufferings and sacrifices. I hope that I never get that way. Jude is nothing but a blessing, even in the trials.

    Ellie, you and Jeremy are an amazing couple and we love you to death. When you decide to start trying, we will walk beside you and pray with you along the way. And one thing is for sure – you will make awesome parents!

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