Our 2nd 1st House

House - frontAlthough we felt a little gunshy after our ‘1st house,’ once Jeremy got his new job we were still thinking that $8000 sounded pretty sweet! We found this house literally the day before we left for CA and had to make the decision on our vacation to put an offer on it and then go through the whole offer giving, changing, accepting process while on vacation…

I’m starting to get more excited as it seems likes it’s becoming more of a reality. Our close date is set for July 30th (I had hoped for it to be about a week earlier, but hey, more time to pack!). Here are some pictures for you!

Living Room-EntrywayHere’s the living room and you can kind of see the fire place on the left.

KitchenThe kitchen is pretty small, but I really like it and it came with all those brand new appliances (even the fridge)!

backyardHere’s the backyard. Part of the back patio is covered and then they extended the deck over.

So there it is! Some stats: It was built in 2001 and is 1541 sq feet. The master is downstairs (and I’ll have a separate garden tub, which I am so excited about). Upstairs there are two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a loft. The downstairs is all tile excluding the bedroom and even though I’m not a huge fan of tile, I think it’s nice.


7 thoughts on “Our 2nd 1st House

  1. This is super exciting and I am so happy for you guys! I can’t wait til we’re up north and we’re hanging at each others houses all the time.

    Maybe Jeremy and I will feel adventurous one day and decide to built out more of a mezzanine over the deck for full shade.

    Oh, and I hope you realize that almost smack in the middle of where each of us will be living is the Tilted Kilt…reunion time!

  2. Hey friend! I LOVE it! It looks almost like the layout of our house…complete with 2 bedrooms and a loft upstairs. I am SO excited for you guys! Let me know if you need help with anything on a Friday when I’m off. I can’t wait to come sit on your deck and have a margarita :).

    • That would be awesome! I’m off work Friday, July 31st and was thinking about trying to get in there to paint…sounds fun I know…but maybe we could make margaritas and drink them while we paint! Wait…maybe that’s a bad idea!

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