Amy Butler Sweet Life Bags

Amy Butler Sweet Life BagsI came across this new set of Amy Butler Sweet Life Bags a while back but just have not taken the time to post about them. I think they are absolutely wonderful! I can’t even decide which one I like the most! And of course, they look even better in her beautiful fabric! I think Amy just taunts us by making these bags and not publishing a pattern! I would want to make every single one of them! I know the best thing to do would be to just be supportive and purchase one, but sadly, I’m not sure I could really aford one.  If there is a sweet husband out there readin(mine, obviously)…maybe  you want to surprise me with one someday….(cheeky smile!). These make me want to design a bag of my own even more but they also make me think – look at all the options! I think I would want to put a ton of pockets and zippers on it! Yay for bags that make me so happy (even if I only get to look at them…and drool)!


2 thoughts on “Amy Butler Sweet Life Bags

  1. These are cute…I would really like to have the CD she is putting out now with like 20 some odd patterns for different kinds of things on it. I think it is like $30 which seems like such a good deal considering how much regular paper patterns cost!

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