Book Review: All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front - smI finished reading this book right before I left for California. I know, you’re thinking, haven’t you been reading In Defense of Food for forever and now you’ve just up and finished something else!? Well, this book was for my 20th Century Europe class, so it took priority over my book club book 😦 However, I’m not really that sad because this book was excellent. I read it in high school and did not like it at all – I remember complaining a lot, which I’m sure I did about almost everything! So I was not so excited about reading this again, but just a couple pages into it, I was saying, “I can’t believe I thought this was so boring!” And really, the book is not meant to be for entertainment, it is very serious, sad, and reflective, but the writing is almost poetic! It really is a very well written book and it is relatively short. For the class I had to write a book review focusing on how this book is a testament to the horrors of WWI and how it destroyed an entire generation of men. If you are really interested, you are welcome to ready my review here. Otherwise, my review consists of “this was an excellent book, the writing was poetic and thoughtful, the images are brutal and honest, I would give this book 5 stars”.

Interested in reading this book? I would be happy to pass it on to you! Normally I would just post it on however I think there are a lot of them on there, so I’m happy to give it away to one of my lucky readers. If you’re intersted (and if not, you won’t hurt my feelings), please mention in a comment that you would like the book – the first one to comment will get it!


One thought on “Book Review: All Quiet on the Western Front

  1. Hmm this is one of the classics isn’t it? I’ll take it from you if you want to bring it with you on Saturday. Maybe I’ll start reading again soon!

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