My trip

4928_658634020277_29625512_39376034_588194_nSo, as I mentioned I was in California last week! We had our first family reunion (on my mom’s side). It was so much fun! And I relaxed a lot. To the left you can see a picture of me with my mom and cousin right before we went in to watch The Proposal. I’m not sure where to start! It was such a blast to see everyone, hand out, and get to know each other again. Some of us have never had much of a chance to build relationships and it’s been 7 years since we were all together! Three of us had gotten married, one cousin has a daughter! Everyone is growing up! 4928_658634174967_29625512_39376064_7050180_nSome fun highlights – my immediate family went to our favorite Chinese restaurant…twice…once on our way out of San Fransisco and once on our way back in! If you are ever in the San Fransisco area, you have to go to Yet Wah’s (there are a couple of locations, but we went to the one in San Rafael) and you have to get the potstickers! (we also had sweet and sour pork and musee chicken – so amazing!). Other food highlights as you will see on your right…In-N-Out! Yes, that is my dad about to enjoy his burger with some animal fries and a chocolate milkshake! As has already been mentioned, I did wakeboard for my first time! I also went tubing and we rented a party barge for a day so we got to hang out on that! Also lots of time was spent sun bathing by the pool, floating on the lake, playing games, and just generally fun, relaxing times! 4928_658634209897_29625512_39376071_4318725_nOf course, as it is everytime I visit the West Coast, it is so hard to leave – I just feel like I fit there better…especially when we got into the airport in Austin at midnight to be hit with a gush of hot, sticky air – blah! Oh well, this is where we’re at…maybe someday I’ll get to live there again! I’m sure I’m forgetting to tell you about some other marvelous thing that happened, but I’ll leave you with this picture of Jeremy and I in front of the Golden Gate Bridge (we made our dad pull over and stop for a picture on our way to the airport!).


4 thoughts on “My trip

  1. I love what I’ve seen of the West Coast as well – hopefully we’ll get to go back and spend some more time there on vacations in the future! So glad you guys had such a great time!

  2. It was such a great time! I’m thankful and appreciate the effort and expense you and Jeremy and Michael made! I loved being with you every day along with everybody else – how thankful I am that you are our daughter! (I’ve missed CA weather this week!) Mom

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