I’m getting there.

I’m getting there. I feel a lot better since the last time I posted, but not quite back to normal yet – I think I’ll need a few more days! One of the big things that was pressing on my mind has resolved itself so there is a lot less wondering going on! I had such an enjoyable time on Saturday at the Ladies Sewcial I went to! I took a tote bag to work on and didn’t quite get it done. It’s pretty close but when I put in my first interior zipper pocket I did it backwards the first time and then once I finally got the zipper in, it wouldn’t open because the zipper was faulty! That was it, I needed to take a break! Hopefully I’ll get it finished in time to take on my trip! That’s right, we’re going to California in just two weeks! I’m so excited. In fact in preparation for it I laid out by the pool for about an hour yesterday (I thought I’d start getting a little sun on my ever so pale skin!). I did actually burn my chest and my shoulders a little bit, but I think the added color to me face is a good thing! Of course I’m going to the dermatologist this week, so hopefully I won’t get in trouble! I’m seriously considering getting a spray on tan before heading to  CA –  I just need to see how much that will cost! Jeremy had a 2nd interview on Friday for a job that he actually wants to get, so hopefully we’ll hear something this week! That would be so amazing! oh, and we just found out that we’re actually going to start getting unemployment and they are going to pay back at least some of what we should have gotten these last months because it was their mistake! It’s so great because it will actually cover what we have gone over budget these last three months! Anyway, that’s a quick update on what’s going on.

PS – Jeremy and I have started couponing! The last two weeks we’ve bought the Sunday paper and have tried to do the coupon thing – it’s actually really fun. I think Jeremy sees it as some sort of a game! Yesterday at the store we saved $30! It was pretty exciting!


3 thoughts on “I’m getting there.

  1. I am glad you are feeling better and that is exciting news about the possibility of a job for Jeremy!!

    I knew a girl who did the spray tan thing and every time she would sweat it would run…don’t think that would be very fun in sunny Cali. 😦

  2. Yeah . . .spray tans. . . I’ve only tried once and it stunk to high heaven. Definitely not something I’ll try again. 🙂

    And I’m glad things have resolved and that Jeremy may have a job soon! Keep us updated!

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