Not in the mood…

I didn’t post yesterday and honestly don’t have much to say today. Correction – I have a lot on my mind but nothing is at all organize or perhaps even appropriate to put up on the internet for all to see (all being the 15 people that read this blog!). Sometimes it just happens – your mind gets busy and then it’s hard to put thought into anything else. I’m sure added to this is the fact that school started again for me on Monday so I spent yesterday with my mind full of thoughts struggling to focus on the causes of the American Revolution!

I’ve been feeling a little off my game lately. I don’t know, like I’m not really myself. I seem to be slacking a little at work, forgetting things, not being as attentive as I normally am, I don’t know. I feel a little fuzzy, like I need to go to a cave somewhere and get my little mind to settle down. I’m not really a worrier (just a planner), and I don’t even think I’m worried right now, just preoccupied with thoughts…thinking about unknowns which in my mind is a little different from worrying…maybe I’m just wanting it to be different I don’t know. Anyway I’ll stop rambling and try to get through the rest of this week and get back on my game next week!


3 thoughts on “Not in the mood…

  1. I totally understand. I have felt the same way lately – not getting enough work done, not feeling like doing much after work. I agree that it is different that worrying, b/c I don’t really feel stressed or worried, just preoccupied. I was worried and anxious in the beginning, but this feeling is definitely different. I’ll be praying for you – maybe that will help me be less preoccupied (or at least be productive at something!)

  2. Yeah, I’ve been a bit distracted lately. Organization isn’t my strong suit right now. πŸ™‚ No worries, take a break, gather your thoughts and I hope everything clears up soon!

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