Buttercup Bag

buttercup bagI love this pattern! And it’s free! It’s so easy and so satisfying. I actually made another one before this one but then I made this one and am now totally unsatisfied with the first (I even tore it apart and re-did it but I still didn’t like it!). This one was supposed to be a gift…but I’m keeping it! It’s a great size. I put interfacing on the exterior peices, the yoke, and the handle and I think that really helped keep the bag a little more stiff. I didn’t do the magnetic snap because they are a little expensive, but I think it would be great to have on there. I think this would even be a great beginer bag! I can’t say how much I love this purse!

Oh and the exterior fabric is from  Amy Butler’s Belle Collection in Sun Glow. The interior is some light blue batiste that I picked up for $2/yard!


2 thoughts on “Buttercup Bag

  1. Cute! I want to make another one of these too but size it up so that it’s bigger. The size was way to small for me, but it worked well for my friend that I made it as a gift for.

  2. Whoops! You can delete that comment in moderation from the book club…looks like I didn’t log out when I was updating the website!

    Very Cute!

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