Happy Anniversary!

Jeremy - anniversary dinnerFriday was our 3 year anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already! For our first anniversary we rented a vacation home in downtown Austin, last year Jeremy’s parents’ gave us a night at our favorite B & B – the Inn Above Onion Creek. This year we decided to go the ‘vacation home’ route again and found a really cute garage apartment in Georgetown for us to stay at for the night. I know it may seem silly to go somewhere that is at the most 20 minutes away, but it really helps us relax to just be away from our house – and it feels more special! This place was so cute! It was the perfect little apartment and they even left us fresh flowers and a bottle of champagne for our anniversary! It was a little more expensive than a hotel would be, but it was really nice and since we had a kitchen we brought food and made 2 of our 3 meals on our own! 102_0094

Anyway, it was so perfect for us. We got there in the afternoon on Friday and settled in. We made a little ‘picnic’ and headed outside to eat under the covered table and then I floated around in their beautiful pool! We then went and strolled around Historic Downtown Georgetown, drank coffee, and browsed the shops and museum. We went back to our little love nest, I took a short nap, hung out, and then we got dressed for dinner. We went to Wildfire for dinner. I had been there once before for lunch and it was really good. You can see the lovely pictures of our food – mine was really good, but Jeremy didn’t think his was really worth what we spent. Honestly the most frustrating thing is that our water was a total jerk! All the other waitstaff and the hostesses were really nice, but ours was not. As soon as we ordered water and just our two entrees he had no time for us – so that was disapointing.

102_0096We spent the evening hanging out and we watched Walk the Line. Slept a wonderful amount of time and woke up to make a very yummy breakfast and come home! It was such a great and relaxing time!

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