What a fun holiday!

It really has been a fun few days! On Thursday after work I drove down to San Antonio to visit with Stan and Lindsey. I totally took my camera and forgot to take pictures! We ate some great food while I was there and had some fun and relaxing hang out time. They took me to the Magnolia Pancake Haus for breakfast on Friday morning – wow! Lindsey had told me how good their pancakes were – and they have a lot of options for pancakes, waffeles, omlettes, and more! However I chose to order the one thing on the menu that I couldn’t pronouce and there are no regrets! One of the tastiest breakfasts I’ve ever had! It was the Munchener Apfel Pfannekuchen – it was the texture and taste of a German pancake but then on the inside it was filled with Granny Smith apples covered in cinnamin – part pancake, part apple pie, all with whipped cream on top and the edges had gotten all carmelized! It was so amazing! I did think to take a picture at this point but had forgotten to bring my camera to the restaurant! If you’re ever in San Antonio for breakfast, you have to eat here!

4307_99989813216_541993216_1849142_7472039_nI did manage to get some sewing down over the weekend and I’ll share more with you on that soon. On Sunday night we went to see the StillPoint Band at Nutty Brown. We drove down with Jake and Krista and then Stan and Lindsey met us there! We waiting over 2 hours for a table, but we ended up enjoying the concert very much.

4514_651015233387_29625512_38986026_3555202_n On Monday Jeremy, my brother, and I headed out to Marble Falls to hang out with our parents for Memorial Day. It was such a relaxing day of cooking, talking and then a little game of croquet. We had never played before, but my parents had purchased a croquet set at some garage sale so we decided to play. This picture is at the end of the game – Michael won and I came in last…by this time we were quite sweaty and I had received several bug bites…but it was memerable nonetheless. It really was a great few days off!


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