St. Andre

st. andreOne of the food blogs that I read is Taste and Tell, and she has started to receive a sample of cheese every month from Ile de France which she in turn shares her thoughts on with her readers. Last month was the first month she did this and I thought, hey, maybe I should try out that cheese (which most certainly is the whole point of Ile de France sending her the cheese – I’d say a marketing success at least on my part). One thing that I really liked about the Ile de France website is that it not only tells you a little bit about the cheese, but also gives recipes and pairing ideas – probably one of the most intimidating things for me when it comes to buying cheese is knowing what to pair it with! So last week at the store I was determined to try this cheese…well, turns out HEB did not have this particular one. They did have a St. Andre, just not the Ile de France brand (although it was next to the Ile de France brie). So I went ahead and got the only one they had along with the other items necessary to make the sandwich that was suggested on Taste and Tell’s blog, Grilled Eggplant, Prosciutto and Cheese Panini. I’ve made the panini twice and have eaten the cheese on crackers for a snack 3-4 times and I like it very much. It has almost a buttery texture and it seems mild at first but there is quite a bit a flavor packed in there! The website suggests pairing it with an IPA, which I wasn’t going to spend the extra money to purchase, but I’m sure that would be interesting. Anyway, that is my cheese saga! My little wedge cost a little over $5, but I think it has been totally worth it – yumm!


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