An Ellie Update

Even though I manage to post about 6 days a week, I feel like, other than what I’m cooking, I haven’t really shared what’s been going on in Ellie land! That’s mostly due to the fact that I have been so incredibly busy! But, I took my finals on Friday and Saturday and now I have my two weeks off from school! Yesterday was my first day with no homework hanging over my head and it was such a relief (I even took a nap and didn’t feel guilty!). So the class I just finished were Civil War and Biology; I don’t have final grades for either of them, but honestly I’m just glad to be done! The biology class was my very last gen ed. Now I only have 6 classes to go! and all history classes! June 1st I start my next set of classes – American Revolution and 20th Century Europe.

So school has been taking up a lot of my time, but I have actually been so thankful that Jeremy has been out of work because he has been taking care of me and our home! He’s done a lot of the cooking and all of the cleaning and laundry and some grocery shopping – what a relief! He is still trying to find a job, but God has really been providing for us these last three months – it’s been pretty amazing and we have been especially blessed by anonymous people in our church who have just left us envelopes of cash! In fact a couple weeks ago it was time for me to register for my next set of classes and we were questioning what we should do since the $1200 would have to come out of our savings. The  next day I went to work and there was an envelope in my box that just said “Jeremy and Ellie”, I opened it up and found $1200 exactly! It kind of makes me tear up a little just thinking about it now. It’s pretty awesome.

There are so many things that I want to get done during these two weeks, but I’m just going to go through my list (yes, I have an actual list that I have written down) and do what I can and enjoy it as much as possible! One thing is to rectify the fact that this blog seems anything but crafty anymore! So I have some sewing to catch up on – first priority is the gardening apron I was making for my mom’s birthday (in March) – I have to finish it! I have a couple other presents, tons of possible projects, am considering making a doll for this, etc…So many things and I’m so excited to do it!

I also have some books to finish up, some things I want to organize, people I want to have lunch with…I am going to San Antonio for a little slumber party with my friend Lindsey this week – which I’m so excited about (she moved a year ago and this is the first time I’m going to visit – it’s amazing she still wants to be my friend!). And so on…I’m am thoroughly looking forward to this little break of not stressing out while I’m relaxing because there is another chapter to be read or another paper to be written. I’m sure the two weeks will go entirely too quickly, but I just keep telling myself if I keep it, I’ll graduate in 6 months (just 7 1/2 years since I started college – yikes!).


3 thoughts on “An Ellie Update

  1. I am so excited I made it on the list! And how cool that “little angels” have been sent to bless you & Jeremy! I am so glad you two have both found a church home you are enjoying and that are loving you. I am sure your 2 weeks will go by faster than you want…but Praise the Lord for breaks of any length! See you soon :).

  2. Yay for time off! And for how little school you have left! Can’t wait to see what crafty things you create during this time. Enjoy your time with Lindsey! 🙂

  3. I love my craft apron … thank you Ellie, Jeremy, and Michael! The colors are so cheerful … it’ll help my plants to grow. I could also wear it if I happen to be feeling a little low (sorta like an anti-depressant). It would also be great for house cleaning … can pick up lots of items with all the pockets and carry cleaning supplies. Goodness … this is quite the multi-purpose apron! THANK YOU!
    Love you!

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