Summer Rolls (w/o baked tofu) and Sweet-and-Savory Dipping Sauce

102_0078So this recipe was super fun – and yummy! Jeremy and I love spring rolls and so I was pretty excited to see this recipe in Gourmet this month! My favorite ones are always the ones that are just noodles and vegetables (I like shrimp, but not so much in a spring roll), and I don’t know if I’ve ever had one with tofu. I didn’t leave out the tofu because of that, I just couldn’t find baked tofu at the store! And not really having cooked with tofu before I decided not to risk baking it myself this first go round.

With all foods like this, the most time consuming part is cutting all the veggies. The only thing you ‘cook’ is blanching the carrots. Even the noodles just soak in hot water for 10 minutes! I couldn’t find the cellophane noodles at the store, but bought rice noodles instead and they worked just perfectly. Also, my bean sprouts went bad before I made these so they didn’t have those inside either, but the ‘pickled’ veggies with the noodles, romaine, and herb mix were super! Also the sauce was super easy and it was very tasty as well (although next time I’ll add something to make it spicier). The rice paper for the wrapper – so easy and I’ll admit, kind of fun! You just soak them in hot water for 30 seconds and then but the veggies inside and roll it up and it just sticks together all pretty! Jeremy thought we should just keep everything on hand to make these on a regular basis! Definitely a keeper!


2 thoughts on “Summer Rolls (w/o baked tofu) and Sweet-and-Savory Dipping Sauce

  1. Summer rolls are a lot of fun to make! I need to make some again since I still have a ton of wrappers. . . I always have the problem of bean sprouts going bad really fast – so frustrating!

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