Tie One On

3494489343_6dd7993ab0It feels like it has been ages since there has been a new Tie One On, but Angry Chicken put  on  a two month challenge that just ended at the end of April. The theme was to make an apron without spending any money – so just use what you hy ave on hand. I have been so busy that I wasn’t able to participate this time around. I have a gardening apron that I started making my mom for her birthday (back in March) that I still haven’t had a chance to finish! Just two more weeks of school and then that’s my first priority! 3495312476_46ba343191 Anyway, here are pictures of two of my favorites. I think they’re both like somethign I would make, and I still love the simple half apron! You can view all of them here. The new theme is Pie Makin’ Apron and we have two months again – the deadline is July 1st. so the goal is to make any apron and then submit a pie recipe with it! Maybe I’ll make it happen this time around!


3 thoughts on “Tie One On

  1. Interesting! I’m actually working on an apron for my mom’s birthday (which is today but they’ll be in town this weekend to celebrate) and I’m trying not to spend any money on it except for some bias tape. . .

  2. I wondered if you were going to do the new one — I saw it and thought about doing it, but then didn’t know if I would have time amid all the other projects I need to finish. Aprons and pies — you really can’t go wrong there!

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