First Trip to the Farmer’s Market

Last Saturday, Jenn took me to the Round Rock Farmer’s Market for my first time! When we lived in Portland we always bought our produce from a place called Rick’s Farms. It was like a really big farm stand, but it was only one vendor so it wasn’t as intimidating. Of course, living in Mexico we bought a lot of fruits and vegetables at the market, so I don’t know why I was a little intimidated! It was pretty small, probably not more than 20 tables, but it was still pretty fun! I was determined to only buy what was on my list, and I pretty much stuck to that. I bought a head of romaine, a bunch of carrots, a dozen eggs, and breakfast sausage. The romaine was beautiful and I was a little giddy abouut my carrots having tops on them! I’ll be honest, we’ve been eating the eggs and I don’t know how I feel about them. I know remember that this was how our eggs in Mexico were – they are very orange and seem to be quite yolky. I’m not sure I like them 😦 We haven’t tried our breakfast sausage yet. It was frozen when I bought it and threw it back in the freezer when I got home – I’ll let you know when we try it. Afterwards Jenn and I walked over to Friar Tuck’s Pantry for tea and breakfast treats to go (she bought a shortbread cookie and I got some honey tea bread – so yummy). It was quite the delightful morning and just what I needed – a break from school, outside, with another girl, drinking tea. Thanks Jenn! I’m looking forward to going again!

Oh, and check out this giveaway – I love that necklace!


3 thoughts on “First Trip to the Farmer’s Market

  1. I am glad you girls had a good time, sorry I couldn’t make it. Sounds like you got some good stuff, Ellie.

    I thought the same thing about my fresh eggs…I never knew there was such a difference in the coloring — but I liked it better knowing that it was fresh and from chickens that are being cared for properly…maybe I am just weird. 😦

  2. I love the farmer’s market! The one near my house in Sunset Valley is HUGE and I love it but I sadly don’t make it over there very often. It is a bit intimidating since it’s so large, but I’ve found that if I make the rounds a couple of times and compare prices before purchasing, I’m better off.

    I haven’t purchased local eggs before although I’d really like to try them. I know that they’re much higher in nutritional content than the store bought eggs (hence the difference in color). I’ve just been buying the central market cage free organic eggs lately. Once I have Jude I can completely see our Saturday mornings spent at the market, with him in a sling and with me picking up our produce for the week. 🙂

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