Movie Review: The Duchess

the-duchess-01Thursdays seem to be the day that I am most tired from when I get home from work. Maybe because for me it’s like Friday since I don’t go to work on Friday, maybe it’s because I know I have a weekend of homework ahead of me, who knows, but Thursdays I’m tired. Last Thursday I got home and Jeremy was in the process of making us dinner (I’ll post about that tomorrow), so I helped him finish up and we had some time relaxing and eating our delicious dinner. Then we decided, kind of spur of the moment, that we should watch one of our netflix movies that night (it doesn’t take much to convince me to do almost anything other than my homework – like I’m doing right now!), so I made some popcorn and we popped this movie in. It had received some really good reviews and Keira Knightly so we went for it.

If you’re looking for a light-hearted, make-me-happy movie, this is probably not the one you should choose. It’s a pretty sad movie, however I thought it was excellent. Keira Knightly plays the Georgiana Spencer, the Duchess of Devonshire. She is a fascinating character who goes through a lot of difficulties in her life. I felt like just when you thought she might be getting a little bit of happiness it was taken away from her and it was just one difficult thing after another. In spite of that, the movies in a somber but positive light – kind of a story about pressing on. I think what I liked the best was after we watched the movie, we watched the extras. Amanda Foreman was the author of a biography about the duchess and that’s what the movie was based on. She talked about the letters she had found that inspired her to write the biography – I just thinking finding pieces of history like that and putting people’s lives together on paper is absolutely fascinating. In all, even though it was sad, it was a really good film.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Duchess

  1. This may be the first good thing I’ve heard about this movie! I’ve wanted to watch it but several people have told me it’s not worth it. Glad you enjoyed it – maybe I will give it a watch!

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