Oraganizing my reader

I use Google Reader to organize the blogs I subscribe to. It occurred to me the other day that I have now added so many blogs to my list that it becomes more of a nuisance than a joy to read. And really I’m not even reading them – unless I know the person personally, I really just skim through the pics, star it if it’s something I want to come back to and move on just trying to get through the list. And then my starred items gets so filled up it would take forever to go through! That’s not what reading blogs before, that’s not relaxing or inspiring. And if I don’t take the time to read then I certainly am not taking the time to comment and that’s just bad etiquette! So I went through my blog list and unsubscribed to all the blogs that I couldn’t picture in my head when I saw their name so that I could trim my list down a little. Now my new goal is to actual read the ones I subscribe to and comment when appropriate and if I find I’m not doing those things then I need to trim it down some more!


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