Book Club Food

n754198783_2472291_1245723Well, I was not only able to make it to book club this month, but I actually got to host it! I’ll admit, I didn’t read the book (I actually didn’t even buy it!), but after the club I was certainly convinced I should! They read In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. I was a little nervous about making food for a club where everyone had just read a book about food when I hadn’t read the book – but I think it all worked out. It was my goal not to make too much food (as I so often do!). I knew I didn’t have the time to make a bunch of stuff so I limited myself to 4 things – appropriate since there were only supposed to be 4 of us  (but there turned out to be 7). I only put about half of the food out so it wouldn’t look like I went too far, but as people kept showing up I ended up putting it all out! Perfect amount! Here’s what I made: (oh photo courtesy of Amanda – because I’ve become a photo slacker)

Arugula and Fava-Bean Crostini – This is what is in the picture – they turned out pretty! I couldn’t find fresh fava beans at the grocery store so I bought the frozen shelled edamame. I also used my food processor! I haven’t used it a whole lot so I was really excited for the opportunity. I had some leftover spread the next day so I put it on a puff pastry sheet and and coked it with some extra Parmesan!

Fresh Grilled Peach and Mozzarella Bruschetta with Basil – This is a recipe from a Whole Foods Culinary class i took last year. It was so good! I love peaches! Oh, and because I knew I didn’t have a lot of time, I bought the little perlitas of mozzarella instead of the log so I wouldn’t have to chop it up. I really think it was worth the extra dollar! Also, the recipe calls for 1 lb of mozzarella, but after I had put in the 1st 8 oz I decided that was enough.

Blackberry Pastry Cups – I make these pretty much anytime we have people over – they are so easy and so good!

Cornmeal Cookies –  These were really easy to make and I really liked them. They reminded me of a cornmeal short bread!


4 thoughts on “Book Club Food

  1. Yum, all of that sounds delicious! I love those fruit tarts – I haven’t made them in a long time and I was wondering if those Crostinis were any good. . . I’ll have to try them!

  2. I made the pastry cups (with strawberries) and the cornmeal cookies for a party this week and they were a huge hit!! YAY! Thanks for sharing.

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