Pesto Pea Soup

I just got the new issue of Gourmet this last week and there were quite a few recipes that I’m interested in trying (I’ve made myself a little list!). Sunday evening I made the Pesto Pea Soup. I’m sorry I don’t have a picture – you know I have a thing about photographing soup – of course Gourmet doesn’t have a picture either so I don’t feel too bad! This is a really easy and inexpensive soup to make. It does call for you to buy store-bought pesto, which is probably cheaper than making it yourself (unless you have a basil plant) – at least at my grocery store, it’s kind of expensive to buy fresh basil and it never looks that great and then you still have to buy the rest of the ingredients. The recipe says this makes 4 main course servings – it seemed like a lot of soup to me! Also, I don’t think I would serve this as a main course; it seemed more like an appetizer to me. I thought it was pretty good, however I don’t think I’ll be making it again…I didn’t add any salt like the recipe said, but I did add extra pepper and some minced garlic. If you really like pesto and don’t mind peas, you’ll probably like it. I ate mine with some French bread!


One thought on “Pesto Pea Soup

  1. Haha I made this on Monday – wasn’t that impressed with it either. Wouldn’t think of it as a main course at all. Had to add quite a bit of salt before I started to enjoy it. Garlic would have helped too, and I think the veggies needed a saute before boiling them in the chicken broth. . .more flavor that way? I won’t be making it again (although I’ll be eating it for lunch today).

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