Strap Perfect

strap-perfect-1You may have seen commercials for the Strap Perfect on TV. I know I had had and it looked like a good idea, however I’m not really one to order something off tv…turns out my mom is! She bought the Strap Perfect and apparently got like 9 of them! So she gave me two – one in clear and one in nude. Now, I love my bras from Victoria’s Secret (the BioFit), but the straps do have a tendency to fall off my shoulders and I’m always adjusting the straps to the tightest setting. Now with the Strap Perfect they never fall off my shoulders! And the other reason I really like it is that when I wear my tank tops my straps don’t show! That’s always been a huge pet peeve of mine and it’s so hard to keep them in place…until now! The only negatives I would say is that they will probably stretch your straps out so if you start to wear them on a bra you probably will have to keep wearing them. The second thing is that they are a little cumbersome to get on the first few times, but you get the hang of it pretty quickly! Anyway, I think they are pretty great (although you could probably do the same with a safety pin) and I don’t think they were very expensive considering you get 9! Thanks mom!


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