Yoga experiment

gen_yogatodaylogoI said last week that I would talk a little more about the yoga that I did. Well, here it is! Jill wrote a blogpost in March about Yoga Today and that’s what led me to their site!nI think this is really cool. Every day they offer a new 1-hour yoga video for you to stream on your computer. There are about 10-15 to choose from so you don’t have to do the one for that day. Jeremy got out a cord and set it up so I could hook the laptop up to the tv and do the yoga on there (a lot easier to see!). I’ve only done it twice so far but I’m hoping that I’ll get in the habit of doing it on my days off. An hour feels like a long time when I have so many other things to do, but I feel so good when I’m done! I’ll be honest, the teaching is a little earthy, but I’m ok with being reminded that I should be happy to be alive! I did a beginner lesson last week and it was still kind of tough for me, but again, I felt so good afterward! Anyway, if this is something you might want to get into, check out the website! It’s free and doesn’t require you to sign up for anything (although you can sign up for them to send you a weekly e-mail with the yoga schedule on it!).


2 thoughts on “Yoga experiment

  1. I thought about trying some yoga…but then I had my surgery. Once I can stretch my stomach, maybe I will come back and check this site out…stretching sounds soooo good right now…

  2. I love yoga and miss it so much. I was doing prenatal yoga but well, Monday – Thursday we go constantly from 7am-10pm without a break. . . so time for yoga (or anything else for that matter) is slim. I hope you enjoy this though, and maybe after the baby I will check it out too!

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