Dinner Club

In February I read about Dine and Dish’s Dinner Club. It sounds like so much fun! I love to cook and eat and spend time with friends! I appreciated all the great ideas she gave in the post, especially the questions that they ask each other at the end of every meal. I love that everyone brings something and that it has to be from home (not from the store). They even do it every other month which makes it seem a little easier. Everyone is just so busy! I hate that we’re so busy that it’s hard to plan stuff like this with other people (we’re busy and they’re busy). I keep thinking that the next stage of my life will be less busy, but I don’t think that ever happens! This is something I’ll have to keep in mind…maybe eventually I’ll be able to plan something like this!


3 thoughts on “Dinner Club

  1. This sounds like so much fun! I’ve also heard of casserole parties, where you get a group of ladies together and all bring multiples of one dish and then you trade you get a freezer full of quick homemade meals! I’ve wanted to do that for awhile too. . .

  2. I’m glad it has inspired you some. It took me awhile to finally get it done, but I am so glad we started it.
    One of the great things about it is that it makes for a fairly inexpensive night out for all, which is nice in this economy!
    I hope you start one. Let me know if you do šŸ™‚

  3. I have heard of groups that do the weekly cooking — so every family (really it is the lady) cooks only one night a week, but she cooks for like 5 families and they do the swap so everyone has meal for every night of the week, but you are really only cooking one night.

    I like the sound of the party thing…the only deal that I was a bit nervous about were the questions…I am not sure how that would go, but I am not one to enjoy random questioning either. I hate ice breakers and that is what I am envisioning! šŸ™‚

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