Craft Business and lack of ideas

I had written myself a little note that said “blog about how you wish you would come up with something like this”…I read quite a few craft blogs (so many that I’m trying to cut down, but there are so many great ones out there). I love the inspiration they give, but often I’m a little discouraged as a read about these little businesses these women have started and I just think – why can’t I start something like that! But the reality is, I don’t know what I would sell! Now, sometimes people tell me that I should sell the things I make – but alas, I’m a pattern girl and can’t sell the things I make because they aren’t mine to sell! I look at all the cute bags out there or softies – like One Red Robin and her adorable peg bunnies – who would have thought? Why can’t I come up with something like that! I think in part I just don’t have the time/don’t put the time into trying to create something new that’s just from me, but another part of me wonders if I even could if I tried! I don’t know…I do find myself often thinking, especially now with Jeremy out of work, that I wish I could be making a little extra money off one of the things that I love to do! Sigh…someday…maybe…


8 thoughts on “Craft Business and lack of ideas

  1. I just thought about this same thing yesterday…and what it comes down to for me is my lack of motivation right now which leads to my lack of follow through. At some level though, I don’t want to put pressure on myself to the point of self condemnation because then I can’t even enjoy sewing when I do it for fun. 🙂 So all that to say…you are not alone.

  2. See, this is why I think we should team up and open a little shop! Between a couple people we could come up with some original ideas and sell them to make some money on the side!

  3. I’m sure that you can and will make some really cool things of your own. I think though that when you try to turn it into a business, it suddenly becomes less fun and more of a chore.

  4. I have to disagree with the previous poster on the topic of businesses and hobbies. It is absolutely true that trying to turn your hobby into a side business could result in it suddenly becoming less fun, but I think this result was far more likely 10 or 15 years ago than today. It’s much easier for micro (as opposed to small) businesses to find a measure of success because of the Long Tail effect of the Internet on business models.

    Consolidated payment systems like PayPal or Google Checkout have significantly reduced a key concern folks had about buying things online from small businesses. In addition, auction sites like ebay and classified sites like craigslist have even eliminated the need to formally take the step of setting up a “business” in the traditional sense. Culturally, people are increasingly comfortable with buying things from serious hobbyists as opposed to buying them from mass retailers.

    And all of that assumes that you’ve got to actually make money to consider your venture a “success,” which I think is a complete misnomer. If you have consecutive months where you can’t go a day without thinking about sharing your work and your creativity, then why shouldn’t you keep pushing yourself to do something new?

    Now, it seems to me that perhaps Ellie isn’t quite ready to go there yet simply because of the “lack of ideas,” as she refers to it here. Ellie, if you’re interested in addressing this, I would recommend starting with this post from Merlin Mann:

  5. Nah, Jeremy, don’t beat yourself up….things are tough all over!

    Elliek, could you sell them, if someone else made them..whatever “them” happens to be? That might be something to look in to….


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