Green Chile Pork Pozole

bacover-webThis last week I made the Green Chile Pork Pozole from April’s Bon Appetit. I am drawn to any Mexican food recipe with the word ‘green’ in it! I love the taste of tomatillo sauce! And of course, I love pozole. This seemed like a fairly budget friendly recipe, so I decided to go for. I’m sorry there’s no picture, but in my experience soup does not photograph especially well! The recipe only calls for one pound of pork…all the tenderloins I saw came in two pound packages, so I bought one, cut it in half and froze the other half. After having made the recipe, I wish I had just put both pounds in the soup. I discovered while I was making this that I didn’t have any chile powder so I substituted cayenne…I used less cayenne than the amount of chili powder that it called for but it still turned out super spices – edible, but not for the faint of heart! I rarely get heartburn and i got some with this soup. The meat turned out really tender and the soup has great flavor. I’d say it was a pretty great soup! Oh, and the recipe says that it feeds 4, but those must be huge 4 person servings!


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