A Sunday Post: a lesson in humilty

I don’t normally post on Sundays. In fact, I’m not normally home on Sunday mornings. I should be sitting in church right now listening to a sermon, but I’m not. I was so excited this morning because it looked like for the first time in a month I might actually make it to church before it started! I was all ready to go (looking quite fresh and ‘spring-like’ if I do say so myself) when I was pulling my purse and such together to get my keys only to find that I couldn’t find my keys. I had done what I so often have judged others of doing…I had locked my keys in the car! I’m sorry if you’re one of those people who locks their keys in their cars (I still love you!), but until today I had always judged a little harshly. You see, I know several people who routinely lock their keys in their cars and it just doesn’t make sense to me! When I turn the engine off I take the keys with me! I must say that this isn’t entirely my fault; in fact, it’s not really anyone’s fault. Jeremy and I went to Houston over the weekend and we both drove while there and in the midst of switching keys back and forth, at one point we must have been using Jeremy’s keys and mine got tossed in the console…so when I went to check my car this morning just in case I had actually locked my keys in the car – there they were sitting in my console! Oh well…at some point this morning Jeremy will probably bring me my keys…until then, I have put my pajama pants back on, since my skirt is wasted on my couch and my dog!

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