Vintage Tide Tee


I had set this post up a couple of weeks ago…and now I’m not feel as inspired to write it! I do this sometimes. I decide I want to blog about something so I quickly add a post with a title, a graphic, and a link and then leave it for me to write later. Turns out, that doesn’t seem to work all that well – but I will try nonetheless. I had read something about Tide’s Loads of Hope. Project and I thought it was a really cool idea. They have these huge trucks that have washing machines on them and they go to places that have had natural disasters and wash clothes for people! What a thoughtful thing to do. And they have this super cool t-shirts you can buy to support the cause! Pre-job loss, I used to have a little weekly stipend that I would spend on whatever I wanted (that’s kind of been put on hold right now, which is good 🙂 ) but if I did still have it I think I would have to buy me one of these shirts! They’re only $20 and they are cool and they support the cause! It makes me want to buy Tide all the time…of course we’ve been buying really cheap laundry detergent and I am seriously considering taking Amanda’s idea and making my own!

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