Cherry Corn Muffins

102_0052This morning I woke up after sleeping in a little bit, lounged a bit, ready my Bible and a chapter from Cold Tangerines. I then tried out a little yoga (something I’ll talk about later). I felt so good after, but needed something to eat…I wanted to have something a little different. So I looked through our pantry and refrigerator and pulled out a cookbook that I’ve had for a while but hardly used – it was a gift and not necessarily one I would have picked for myself, but kind of fun. So I searched through the recipes until I found one that I had had “all” of the ingredients. Apparently this recipe is from the Cherry Marketing Institute. I actually think these turned out pretty well. I wasn’t sure upon the first bite, but I really grew to love these the more I ate (no, I won’t say how many!). They are really good with a little butter that has melted in the middle. The only change to the recipe that I made was that instead of using dried tart cherries I used up some cherry flavored craisins (finally! I found something to use them for!).  I found a site that has the recipe posted. So check out these really easy Cherry Corn Muffins!


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