Gifts from Dad…

100_0798This is a post that is long overdue! My dad found these two little treasures and brought them home for me a little over a month ago. The top one is the Metropolitan Cookbook and is the February 1964 edition. It’s pretty fun. The pictures are hilarious – lots of smiling and dancing food! The descriptions are also quite entertaining (and also informative). The bottom book is the National Bellas Hess: America’s Money-Saving Style Catalog, Fall and Winter 1958-1959. It’s just fun to look through the styles, prices, and adds! Here are some pictures from both:


This page shows some lovely and happy sandwich filligns! Frankfurter-Cheese Filling – includes grated process American cheese, evaporated milk, skinless frankfurters, mustard, and mayonnaise!


This is just a tiny glimpse into all the fun dresses that are in this catalog!

Slips! Oh my goodness – the blue 7 tier “can-can”! It’s just too fun…


And of course, I couldn’t not post a pic of the underwear or ‘sanitary needs’. Please don’t miss the sanitary belts and more at the bottomof the page!

This has been fun to look through! Thanks Dad!


2 thoughts on “Gifts from Dad…

  1. What a great gift! Your Dad did such a good job!

    As far as the food goes, skinless frankfurters in a sandwich? Yikes! And how far underwear and slips have come (well. . . don’t know about slips, I don’t happen to own any at all). And sanitary needs? I’m glad things have progressed away from belts. . . and towards the Diva Cup! Hehehe. . .

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