Bye House…

This last week has been a difficult one. Lately I’ve felt a little bit like things are breaking all around us. I can’t go into all the details, but there was a time on Saturday when I actually though “seriously? what else is going to go wrong”. The reality is that it’s not all that bad and even though I’m pretty sad, I have felt a lot of peace and calm. I was sitting in the office of one of the pastors that I work for and he reminded me that I can choose to look at life like a tragedy or an adventure…so I guess I need to start looking at it like an adventure! On Monday we signed the papers to back out of buying our house. I was am so sad about it. I know that it just must not be the right time, but it was still such a sad moment. And I feel so shallow for being all weepy about something so material, but I just had started to picture our little lives there…I had started to plan a garden, thought about what color I would paint different rooms, picture what it would be like to live there as our little family grew…sigh.

However, in spite of the sadness, I’m so thankful for the place we are living now. It may be a trailer, but at least it’s cheap. And the reality, I think it’s good for us to be forced to be especially tight with our money once in a while. It reminds us that we can and should be more frugal. Jeremy I want to the store today and managed to spend way less than we normally do! Anyway, not much else to say. I have several things I know I need to post about, but I just haven’t been feeling like it. But I take my finals on Friday, so maybe after that I’ll take some time to catch up. In the mean time, be praying for us (and especially that Jeremy would find a job!).


3 thoughts on “Bye House…

  1. Hey Ellie, it’s Alyssa. I am so sorry about the house. We were in your position just a few months ago when we were going to buy our house, had written the check for the earnest money, met with our loan officer, and had our housing inspection. We were ready to go and then we found out that Taylor in FW was closing. It was the hardest thing for us to sign the papers to back out of the house. We were extremely grateful that our seller’s signed it as well and let us off the hook. But it is hard…we started looking at furniture and planning what all the different rooms would be like. But now, just 4-5 months after that, we have truly been able to see God in all this and to see that it really wasn’t the right timing. I will be praying for you guys….it’s a hard time. Hopefully we can talk soon!

  2. Well, you know that we’re praying for you through all of this. I’m so glad that you have a sense of peace even through losing the house and everything else that is happening. We need to get together have have tea soon. . .

  3. I genuinely feel for you, and I don’t think it is silly to be upset over something so “material” as long as you have the right perspective. I know you’ll be fine, and I think you know it too, despite the disappointment. Good luck on finals!

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