Sweet Greetings Portfolios

100_0794This last Saturday I had the opportunity to go to a friend’s 16th birthday/”coming of age” party. It was such a special time. It was mostly women older than me. We ate lots of good food and then we sat down and her mom said some really great things and then several of the women read aloud the wise words that they had written to her. There were a lot of tears, but a lot of wonderful things were said. I didn’t end up reading my words to her aloud, but I did write them down on a little card to put with my gift. This picture is of the items that I made for her. The picture is just a framed scrapbooking page that has some verses and quotes that I picked out for her (and yes, I used the Amy Butler scrapbooking line – I just couldn’t resist!). I also gave her two of my favorite books, Cold Tangerines and Mudhouse Sabbath. And finally, the items I sewed. I guess I only put one of them in this picture, so there are more pics below. I used the free pattern available on Amy Butler’s website! It’s called the Sweet Greetings Portfolio and it comes in two sizes…so I made them both! This project is pretty quick and I thought it was very satisfying! I went to several stores and couldn’t find chipbaord so I used some foam board and I don’t think that it turned out as great as it could have. I did cover my own buttosn for this and that was super fun! If you’re looking for a fun quick project, you should definitely check this out! I will certainly be making this again.

Here is a pictuer of them from the outside. I used fabrics from the Amy Butler Belle collection.


Here is the inside of the large portfolio (with my covered buttons!). I bought some tiny pink notebooks to put in here. I also included tea, a pen, and some stationary.


And finally a picture of the inside of the small portfolio. I also put stationary in here…I think it would be kind of cool if you made this the size to fit a small book or maybe a journal.


3 thoughts on “Sweet Greetings Portfolios

  1. Those look great, Ellie!! What a sweet gift for a 16th birthday!

    I have saved those patterns for the portfolios before, but didn’t really know what I would do with them…but they are too cute not to make at some point.

    I have never heard of Mudhouse Sabbath…I will have to check that out.

  2. Oh my goodness – those turned out amazing and I just love the fabric covered buttons! I want to make some! I love what you put in all the little pockets too. I’m sure she was floored when she opened her gift.

    I have never heard of Mudhouse Sabbath either – I will have to check it out at some point too. And I know she’ll love Cold Tangerines.

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