Our first house!

7229457_101_12Well, after quite a bit of thinking and talking, Jeremy and I decided it might be a good time to start looking for a house! We found a great realtor and started going from house to house trying to figure out what we really wanted. It was funny how our priorities in different areas changed throughout the process. On Sunday afternoon we placed a back up offer on a house. Yesterday morning our offer was accepted! Today we start our 7 day option period and have scheduled our inspector! It’s so exciting!

7229457_401_17I’ll be honest, I feel in love with this house the moment we stepped foot in it! I just thought it was so cute and cozy! I love the floors and all the light! I don’t love that the kitchen and master bath are so small, but certainly a sacrifice I’m willing to make. There are lots of great little details to this home – I especially like that all the closets and in a lot of the rooms they have built in shelves with that thick white paint – it just makes it feel very charming! Another favorite is the big bag yard and the big covered porch!

I know I need to hold my excitement in a little until everything is more official, but it’s pretty hard! Don’t worry, once we’re moved in, we’ll throw a party and you can come over and see it! Oh and here are more pictures!


7 thoughts on “Our first house!

  1. I didn’t even know you were looking! When did that happen?? SO excited for you! Definitely let me know how the inspection goes! Where is the house?

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