i-heart-booksAmanda suggested that maybe, since I’m so swamped with stuff right now, I should start putting up more Etsy posts…Let’s be honest I haven’t been able to a lot of ‘fancy’ cooking or work on sewing projects…but sometimes sitting at my computer when I should be doing school work (much like I am now), I wander over to Etsy and have a look!happiness

Ok. New favorite store: vol25 I just really like her work! I can totally see this I Heart Books print in my office! Not to mention this little gem! And you can pick your color! Not to mention her I Heart Kitchens Sets One and Two! They are so cute and cozy, i want to fill my house with them! Check out vol25’s blog here.


2 thoughts on “vol25

  1. #1 I love these prints…the make me happy.
    #2 You know I said that just because I know how much Jeremy loves it when you post Etsy stuff!! LOL
    #3 I like it when you post.

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