Chick Flick Road Kill

chickflickroadkill-bigWell, tonight is book club and amazingly, I finished reading this book this morning! One of my new favorite things to do on my day off is wake up and stay all cozy up in bed and read. Earlier this week I did that with my history homework, but today I took the time to finish this book. So the full title of this book is Chick Flick Road Kill: A Behind the Scenes Odyssey  into Movie-Made America by Alicia Rebensdorf. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really like this book very much, but I don’t want to be too harsh with it. I did enjoy how easy it was to read this kind of conversational and reflective writing style. I guess I had a hard time for a couple of reasons. For starters I didn’t grow up watching the movies and tv shows that the author had so I didn’t connect with that. I also didn’t connect with her apparent purpose for her road trip and was a little frustrated by the fact that she didn’t seem to really know what her purpose was either. I probably wouldn’t recommend this book.

I must say that even though I didn’t really like the book or connect with the purpose, it did kind of make me want to go on a road trip. Not so much like hers, and not by myself. But I kind of think it would be fun for Jeremy and I to throw some bags in our car and take a couple weeks to travel to some of the places in the US that we’ve always wanted to see…


3 thoughts on “Chick Flick Road Kill

  1. Yeah the title is interesting but has little to do with the actually book! Did she even talk about any chick flicks in the books?

    Ellie, I agree with your review. Not my favorite that we’ve read. But it would be fun to go on a road trip! My family never took road trips growing up so I feel like I missed out on that life experience.

  2. I agree. I had the hardest time getting into the book; I only ended up reading half. It would have been a lot better if I had seen all the movies and knew them well. And that’s right, they weren’t even chick flicks!

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