More fabric!

ab_09_blue_gothicrose_pal_03Last week I went with a couple girlfriends to check out a craigslist add. A woman was going out of business and selling her fabric stash full of beautiful designer fabric! I had to limit myself to what I thought I would use in my quilt that I am planning, but at $6/yard for Amy Butler prints, it was a little difficult! It was hard to determine if the fabrics were in the colorway that I had already started collecting for the quilt. It turns out, I think all the fabric I got was actually from the Sunglow colorway and not the full bloom, buab_06_clay_royalgarden_pal_03t I think it will all still go together perfectly fine (and some of the fabrics are actually in both colorways so that works out nicely). I got about 4 yards of this gothic rose in blue that is pictured above. I’m finding more and more that when I see Amy’s prints in person the colors are a lot different than what I see on my computer screen and every time I like them even more in person! I’ll be using this fabric for the back of the quilt and the binding.

ab_05_blue_oxfordstripe_pal_03I couldn’t resist getting a yard of the royal garden in clay. I’ve always loved this fabric, it’s just really cool! I also got two yards of the oxford stripe in blue. Such great colors! Well, that’s it, but we were all so excited by our purchases! It made me want to go out and buy bolts of fabric, but there’s just no reason for that, is there?


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